Consensus is a killer drug

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We can be different, without being divided.

It comes from acceptance.

Acceptance comes when we no longer tolerate.

Living in non-consensus, thriving in non-consensus is the fabric of creativity. All critical thinking and all creativity dies in consensus.

Consensus comes from spreading conviction, winning battles… and brrr…. compromises. To strife for consensus is to strife for holding power. To win over the discourse.

Beautiful things happen when we give up on agreeing, and let our differences inspire new things.

Consensus is when we agree on the choices, will it be 1, 2 or 3. Non-consensus is when each of us creates F, 7 or Jump. Not taking the laid out choices because of consensus.

Consensus is when humans becomes persons, who sit down and agree on how life will be. Non-consensus is what is happening in the real world, where actions, reactions and consequences happens because of life. Consensus is a theater, and only people, persons are stupid enough to think consensus can control the world, can control life. My dog Hannah does not know consensus, she reacts, she does and she learns consequences. Persons holds consensus about banning a plant, the arrogance of stupidity has no limits.

We can all be different, without being divided. When we stop trying to control everything, when we stop, letting our fear of the chaos that life truly is, controlling our lives. When we accept that life can not be controlled.

Consensus among persons is the platform from where Mother State uses violence to control humans.

Lets agree to disagree… WTF? lets just disagree, and grow inspiration from there. What even is agreeing to disagree? Are we that addicted to consensus, that we need consensus to allow us non-consensus… crazy world.

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